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December is a lovely time of the year for me. I love the build up to Christmas Day, exchanging gifts, writing cards, receiving messages, house visits, meeting for a coffee with timeless friends, family get-togethers, adult children recalling their stories and grandchildren creating theirs. There is a spiritual warmth about it, a calmness as the […]

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Towards the end of last summer, a friend and work colleague rang. The conversation went something like this: Friend – How are you doing? Me – Good – you won’t believe it, but I am up the country for a few weeks. Friend – Brilliant and… where are you?  Me –  Smarmore Castle Private Clinic […]

    Developing business plans from startups to large corporations, Paddy Creedon brings a personable and creative approach to business management.

    Grounded in over 40 years experiences, along with his academic qualifications Paddy has the innate ability to get to the nub of the business challenges, quickly and is very solution focused.

    Paddy also enjoys public speaking, poetry and creative writing...