Maureen O’Hare

We had no other choice but to move online with our activities but we developed a model that delivered high quality content and networking to our participants.
This process of adaptation has relied on significant investment and employee engagement within the Alumni Team. More importantly, it has benefited from the unrelenting support of people like Paddy Creedon who have devoted time, knowledge and expertise to help adapt, maintain and in some cases improve the Alumni activities both in Belgium and internationally and that allow for co-creation, learning and exchange even during these very challenging times.

To express our gratitude for Paddy’s contribution to the Vlerick Alumni, as a member of our Alumni Advisory Board and to recognise his contribution we present him with this certificate

Alex Bunting

Paddy is a highly experienced individual both professionally and through his lived experience, he is a strong advocate for people impacted by substance use issues and has been crucial in helping people develop their recovery capital. Paddy is a very calm and positive leader with a wealth of knowledge in business development and workplace wellbeing.

Maurice Whelan

I can’t speak highly enough about Paddy. He has been a complete inspiration to me all my working life. His ability to cut through to the core of a challenge in a respectful and insightful way is simply extraordinary. His authentic self is always at the centre of what he does and his ability to not only bring people with him but to develop them along the journey is well known. To watch him in action is a masterclass in Leadership at its very best. I have no doubt what he has to offer the business community is not only unique but so needed.

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Dr.Hugh Gallagher

I have known and worked with Paddy Creedon for a number of years and his knowledge, experience and leadership skills are exemplary. In more recent times I believe that he has not just led a very strong multi-disciplinary team through a challenging period but has, during that period, improved the service and helped make possible some welcome changes. He embraces change and delivers projects on time and within budget.

Araminta Jonsson

Having worked with Paddy Creedon in a number of capacities now, I can honestly say that he is an absolute pleasure to work with. His processes make the experience seamless and hassle free. He is organised to the extreme and combines professionalism with a warmth that makes you happy to always hear from him. He is a true gentleman and someone I hope I have the good fortune to work with on other projects in the future.

The Education Team at Galway Atlantaquaria

Late last year, Paddy Creedon invited Galway Atlantaquaria, (https://www.nationalaquarium.ie) to take part in a pilot project that supported their integrated complementary therapeutic approach at Smarmore Castle Private Clinic ( www.smarmorecastle.ie) The feedback from patients and staff alike has been overwhelming positive to date. Here at Galway Atlantaquaria, we are delighted to have partnered with Smarmore Castle for 2021 in bringing some of the wonderful native species found around Ireland to their facility in Co. Louth.

Marion Rackard

“Paddy Creedon is a person of deep empathy and humanity for his fellow peers in recovery. His awareness of the losses incurred due to addictive behaviours is based on his experience of a life in recovery where for many years he has benefitted from the practice and philosophy of a spiritually driven recovery programme.
He carries the positive messages of recovery forward in words and in practice to those who are seeking a different way of being.
Paddy also understands and engages with family members in their fundamental loss of relationship with their addicted loved one which is like a healing balm of hope for so many coming from a person in recovery.
To the treatment community Paddy is an important advocate and recovery coach and his efforts to bring forward the voices of those in recovery is tireless and commendable using creative and imaginative ways. As an addiction counsellor and psychotherapist, I deeply appreciate Paddy’s contribution to this field.”

Martin Clancy

I have known Paddy for over 15 years, as a competitor, a colleague, an advisor, and a friend. Paddy is both a gentleman and a scholar. His involvement in recovery is driven out of his empathy for people who have had similar struggles to what Paddy has experienced in the past. A word from Paddy, is a word from the wise.

Martin Lawlor 

We are a start-up business in the Mental Health space and Paddy has guided us throughout the whole period of the Covid challenge. We have made exceptional progress under Paddy’s guidance and we owe him a debt of genuine gratitude for some strategic partnership wins for opamind.com  ( Breaking Stigma) His years of experience in Healthcare, Wellness & Addiction Recovery
makes Paddy and ideal advisor for any similar type projects. He would willingly share his experience, knowledge, and leadership skills with your team.

Roisin McEnaney

With Paddy Creedon, we felt like we could achieve anything, were capable of anything and managed to laugh everyday along the way! Now I just must figure out how he did it! The most inspiring manager I have ever worked for.

Oisin McConville

Paddy and I have a common interest and its not just about the trials and tribulations of the GAA in our native counties. We also work together, as Recovery Advocates, supporting people in addiction and their loved ones to find their own recovery journey. Through our work and our personal journeys, we have seen the need for intervention and the need to support families in need of help.

Senator Frances Black

I love the poetry crafted and spoken by Paddy Creedon as it touched the heart and spirit with messages and meanings that are deeply personal, heartfelt, and inspiring. When Paddy first shared his poems with me , I was blown away by his talent. I found myself getting lost in the beautiful images that he creates with his words.

Kenneth Egan

I have known Paddy for some time now as a professional and as a friend, I have found him to be very compassionate and humble in the work he has done in the field of addiction and mental health. Paddy is one that stands by his word and is a genuine authentic caring man.

Eoin Flynn

In the development of our business plan we singled out Paddy Creedon as the one person we needed to retain the services of. Paddy has been truly invaluable and instrumental in shaping the business as it is today. His wealth of knowledge and experience is there for all to see. What can not be seen until you work with Paddy is the ease at which he can initiate, iterate and integrate strategies and services ready for market. His ability to infuse enthusiasm in our management and staff on the business strategy was seamless. He is a quietly spoken man, but has that distinct and rare ability to command a room. I can not thank him enough for the ongoing services he provides. I can not impress in words how excellent he is. If your search has brought you to read this testimonial, do not read any further, simply contact Paddy, it will be the single best thing you do for your business.

Joe Hussey

Paddy was a breath of fresh air as a General Manager and was certainly someone I looked to for inspiration. A great people person, with dynamism to match. I would recommend Paddy for any senior Executive or management role.

Denise Da Costa

Working with Paddy has truly inspired me as a leader. His calm approach, confidence and the effectiveness he achieves through his approach is incredible. Paddy has a natural ability to motivate and engage people of all ages and backgrounds which has an unbelievable positive impact on a business culture.

Dan Griffin

Paddy is a man committed to his recovery and the recovery of others. He has a wonderful commitment to being of service and making a difference in his community. His work ethic and knowledge of recovery are surpassed only by his compassion and love for those still suffering. 


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+353 87 253 2011

Main Street, Tarbert, Co Kerry, Ireland

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    Developing business plans from startups to large corporations, Paddy Creedon brings a personable and creative approach to business management.

    Grounded in over 40 years experiences, along with his academic qualifications Paddy has the innate ability to get to the nub of the business challenges, quickly and is very solution focused.

    Paddy also enjoys public speaking, poetry and creative writing...