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Workplace Culture

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A good friend and colleague of mine, Maurice Whelan is the managing director of Unleash Potential. This company align with my own interests around leadership development and executive coaching focusing on Mental Health in the workplace. It seems more and more progressive organisations are taking interest in this area; where working environments are open and […]

Vlerick Business School Alumni

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After receiving my International Executive MBA, I knew Vlerick Business School was something special. Not only does it encourage online learning, but excels in bringing together talented industry leaders from all corners of the world. Since becoming the Alumni Country Lead for Ireland, I realised how much Vlerick practice what they preach. By creating spaces […]

International Women’s Day

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We walk hand-in-hand together As we approach International Women’s Day 2022, I would like to honour the women in my life. Their contributions to society, especially the emotional maturity, creativity, financial management, selflessness and sacrifices go largely unnoticed. Honouring these qualities, in the same way we do their male counterparts, might just create a space free […]

Minimum Unit Pricing

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The recent change in Irish law to introduce a Minimum Unit Pricing on alcohol has now come into effect. I am of the opinion that this is a clear step in the right direction, and here’s why… There are three types of alcohol consumers in Ireland:  Normal drinkers (50% of population); harmful and hazardous drinkers […]

I Have Made My Choice

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I have made my choice, And leave with little weeping, I have come with meagre voice, To court the language of my people. Michael Hartnett (1941-1999) I don’t think that the poet Michael Hartnett would be too put out if I borrowed his delightful lines to describe my journey from active and chronic alcoholism to […]

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